A blend of Swedish massage and my own techniques. Massage is well known for having a wide range of benefits: relieves stress and muscle tension, calms the nerves, soothes the psyche, increases blood circulation, and promotes good sleep, to name a few. I offer a deeply relaxing experience with a firm but gentle touch.

Involves very light pressure, allowing the body to intuitively examine itís most comfortable and optimally functioning position. No force is needed as your body will find itís own balance when the option is presented.

Craniosacral Therapy techniques are very relaxing and offer an effective way to help heal a wide array of conditions.

Craniosacral Massage is a blend of these techniques and my unique massage methods. An especially wonderful form of treatment for anyone looking for relief and balance.

A therapy in which pressure is applied to reflex points on the feet. The treatment aids self-healing and is an effective over-all body treatment.


READINGS - Spiritual Guidance
In person or l.distance - email, skype or phone.

In the midst of a spiritual awakening in 1999, I was gifted with the ability to do readings for healing. They are spiritually guided words and particularly help to awaken cellular memory in order to initialize or continue the release of denser nature.
Overall, one receives what is needed for the highest good at the time. There is no mistake that the wisdom behind the words is of a complex and intelligent nature and from a Divine Source.