Rua is a definitive healer. The combination of her education and experience enables her to give her clients exactly what their bodies — and even spirits — need, whether or not they know what it is themselves. Rua’s services have both immediate and long-term effects. She is absolutely uplifting, and the relaxation she provides lasts for days. — CG

Rua’s technique has very deep results. After my first visit, I felt more range of motion in my neck than I’d experienced in awhile. The environment is very calming and relaxing, and I thoroughly enjoy all my sessions with her. — SY

Rua is a gifted healer. I have visited her for both craniosacral therapy and massage. During each session, Rua discovered the area of my body that needed healing. Through the strong connection she established and her gentle, focused manipulation, I experienced immediate relief. It is my pleasure to highly recommend Rua’s healing touch. — BIH

After eighteen months of treatments from a sports physiotherapist it was suggested by friends that I visit Rua. Years of fairly active exercise and normal wear and tear in conjunction with a somewhat typical male attitude of ignoring signals from the body had clearly made remediation a challenge. Ten sessions with Rua were instrumental in resolving my major issues and the conversation during these sessions was instrumental in viewing things differently. For me this has been a positive mind and body experience. I highly recommend her services to other males who may be prone to a grin and bear it attitude. Call Rua! — Dave Ainsworth July 2015

After suffering from a hip problem and trying various methods to correct it without any real results, I went to Rua and found relief. — Richard Gill




A massage from Rua is the perfect combination of pressure release and energy movement. She flows effortlessly from one stiff spot to the next until your whole body is sinking into the table. As an experienced athlete, I would recommend Rua to anyone looking for a massage. ----

Ruth Gordon, World Champion Freestyle Kayaker

Rua, since you worked on my neck/shoulders there has been a very big change.  As you know the tension used to build up & lock into my neck & shoulders & stay there until someone massaged it loose. When you worked on me I could feel you actually remove something (blocked energy ??) .  Now I still have the build up (briefly) & I just imagine it all draining away out through my fingers & it just disappears !!!!  That has happened several times since I saw you & it is so wonderful to have this freedom !!!   The original problem is years old & I never thought it would ever go away !!!  Thank you again for your help !!! --- Marion

After suffering severe back pain for almost a year and trying many different methods of therapy, a friend recommended Rua. I am now pain free! Rua's experience and knowledge along with her kind, compassionate nature continue to amaze me. When I think back about the pain and sleepless nights due to pain, I cannot find the words to express my gratitude to Rua for all she has done.
— Susan Muirhead May 2015

A man came to me for a reading having clearly stepped out of his comfort zone. He had been gifted with a certificate from his wife. At the start, when asked what drew him here, he simply expressed his openness to receiving whatever came thru for him. I shared some info about myself but there was no other exchange before I started his reading. (He left out the fact that he had been depressed for the past 4 years.) One month later, his wife came for her own spiritual reading. She told me that the positive changes that she had witnessed in her husband, since his reading, had encouraged her to have her own done even tho she had no personal issues.
Thru her sharing, I created this testimonial. Apparently the first night after her husband's reading, he noticeably slept better. Despite his stressful job he found that he was handling things easier, was less affected by his work and happier overall, feeling lighter. He also felt relief for having spoken with someone completely removed from his personal world. His wife said that he is talking more with her now! (they've been married 25 yrs) After the past challenging work week, he re-read his words (referring to his reading which comes thru in written form) and he slept better that same night and has felt lighter ever since. His wife referred to him as a believer now. Both she and a good friend who knows them well, have remarked at his positive changes!
— Rua G April 2014



Since I began my journey with Rua, over five years ago, she has applied her healing hands to many of my different complaints. I’ve happily received relief from body aches and pains, stress, tight muscles and knots, and chronic health issues such as endometriosis and fibromyalgia. I’ve also received treatment before and after surgery to make sure I get back to good health as quickly as possible. She offers an intuitive, compassionate, and skilled response that my body trusts. — KM

Rua's services are great. I always leave feeling better and more relaxed. The craniosacral work she has done with my neck and back and with thoracic diaphragm problems has clearly helped me. She is a very warm and welcoming person, and is great at helping you feel comfortable and relaxed. Although I have lived far away from her business for many years, I still go to her when I go back home for a visit. It is well worth it. — MG

Rua's healing touch has helped me with chronic pain from 45-year-old whiplash injuries. I leave feeling inches taller and feel calm in my neck and shoulders. — CJ

I have had the privilege of receiving spiritual readings from Rua since 1999 and am ever so grateful for her presence in my life. Her readings are healings-encoded works of light and love-that help quicken awakening and the shedding of layers and limitations that prevent us from seeing and being our true light. Like yoga poses, each time I read and engage with these readings-no matter how old-they continue to inform and change me. — Rosemary Overzet RMT/Reiki Master Nov 2015